Siao on, adj.

Etymology: < Hokkien siao, 'crazy' or 'mad'. Can also be referred to "seow on"
Pronounciation: Siau on

1. (i) Quality of being on the ball and extremely focused on a given task, usually to describe a person.

2011 CAROVA. on Singapore Hardware Zone, #1 u all got female fren siao on about soccer eh bo?

"Oh no! We're competing against Ah Seng! He always damn siao on, one." via Talking Cock

(ii) Quality of being so focused on the given task that there is an element of physical exhaustion and weariness involved

E.g You can't be a lobo in Seow On Camp, even if you're a stray dog.
Source: Shoulder to Shoulder, National Service Journal

2. To be over-zealous in a negative way.

She is so siao on about her work it scares me.

2011 Library Security Guard so Siao On woh! via STOMP

2011 David Junwei on Twitter If you are a tp student, watch out for the security with a turban, he very siao on one!

Retrieved on 21 Oct 2011

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