Kena owned, adj.

Pronunciation: Brit. /kɜ:nɑː əʊnd/ , U.S. /kɜ:nɑː əʊnd/
Etymology: 'kena' is a passive verb originating from the Malay language, where it means "be" and is used in neutral phrases. However, with its adaptation to Singlish, it has now been revised to mean "to encounter or to come into physical contact" and is only used with subjects that have a negative connotation.

Source: 'The passive in Singapore English', World Englishes, 18 (1), 1-11; Bao Zhiming and Wee, Lionel (1999). Retrieved on 25 October 2011.

'Own': originally used after a possessive adjective to emphasize possession or ownership: of or belonging to the specified person or thing. (Source: OED. Retrieved on 25 October 2011) Despite its recent adaptation to Singlish, much of its original meaning is still retained, where the element of being "owned" or "possessed" by a situation or person out of one's will is emphasized.

As "kena owned" is first used in the spoken form, no records of the first spoken use can be found. Nevertheless, with the transition of the spoken into the written form, the first record of its use can be found in a personal blog (maestoso-amore), dated 1 July 2006.(maestoso-amore)

1. adj. To be disadvantaged and bowled over by a situation (often undesirable) that one has no control over.
Guess what? Today kena owned again. I took 2 hours just to get to Sim Lim Square, only to see the notice 'Closed for renovation'.
Source: Retrieved on 18 October 2011.

2. adj. To be defeated because someone else is much better in something.
2011 AILN AIK on AIK, 30 Aug Stupid badminton guy GL came challenge us yet in the end kena owned by Ben.
Source: (post: 30 August 2011). Retrieved on 18 October 2011.
3. adj. Describes the condition of a person who has just done something so ridiculous or silly that others are 'defeated', in that they cannot do things that are even more silly.
Pei Wen kena owned cos she went like "where's your sense of EMERGENCY" when we were doing our crazy "Hit and Run" stunt at Orchard Road. LOL!
Source: Facebook post by MianBao Steph MianBao Steph in 2010. Retrieved on 18 October 2011

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