Saikang warrior, n.

Etymology: < Hokkein or Teochew sai, 'fecal matter' + kang, 'work'. The term seems to originate from military (conscription) colloquialism in Singapore.

1. A person who does an undesirable job (either out of one’s good will or has been coerced into doing so) in the background not for one’s benefit but for the benefit of others.

2. Used in the army to refer to people of the lower ranks who are forced to do unpleasant jobs such as carrying heavy things for their superiors.
2010   LIEWMUNLEONG on Singapore Hardware Zone, #13348   meaning u sai kang warrior lah.. but this is a temp job right? after ur degree then u'll look for a more permanent job which hopefully is related to ur degree right?

2010   THE MISFIT RAMONES in Saikang Warrior (song)   Saikang warrior, shit’s on you/ Saikang warrior, everything you do

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